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Self-stand Pet Water Bottle

《 Self-stand Pet Water Bottle 》

▶ For both dogs & cats.
▶ The height is adjustable.
▶ Include a non-slip silicon.
▶ Prevent the bottle from falling by filling the water into the bucket at the bottom.
▶ Simple to assemble.
▶ Convenient to use.
▶ Easy to wash.
▶ Safe and hygienic.
▶ Stimulate and excite pet.

" Are you worried because your pet is drinking water faucets?"

"Are you looking for something new that resolves the problems of existing water bowls or fountains (i.e. water spill, dust getting into the water, etc.)?"

This is the solution.

You can find this @Meow Cat Cafe.
556 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto M4S2M6

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Meow Cat Café: Lattes and Cat Love by STEPHANIE

It’s no surprise that I love animals! And I have an extreme fondness for cats. So, when cat cafes started popping up close to home I had to visit one. After hearing reviews from one of the three cat cafes in Toronto a friend and I chose Meow Cat Café.

Cat Cafes

While the first one was opened in Taiwan, cat cafes really first became popular in Japan. There, many people can’t keep pets in their small apartments, so the concept of cat cafes offered those who loved pets, like cats, a chance to regularly experience the amazing love these animals can give. Now cat cafes are popping up across the globe.

*Did you know petting a cat helps reduce your blood pressure and stress?

Meow Cat Café

While some cat cafes house rescued cats, or cats up for adoption from local shelters, Meow Cat Café is home to cats from one owner. And you can tell she loves them! There are six cats, of varying ages and breeds, and they were all very healthy looking. There was even a placard for each cat with their name, age and breed on it. The cats have an array of places to hide, and plenty of toys and things to entertain themselves when they’re not napping.

Some cat cafes have cover charges, but Meow Cat Café is free with a drink purchase. There are a few different seating arrangements, at the front and the back. And I was blown away at the impeccable cleanliness of the place. Usually where there are cats, it can smell like cats. And even though we sat by the litter boxes we couldn’t even smell them. It wasn’t until halfway through our visit that I even noticed them. They also sell a variety of cat and other pet supplies for your feline friends at home.

We were there for well over an hour. Drinking our lattes, happily snapping endless photos of the adorable cats, and of course cuddling some. They all had their individual personalities. Like ZeZe the Maine Coon, who had a bit of a grumpy pout. He was playful one minute and the next I saw him up on a shelf hiding behind a cat bed. The little white one, Latte, was precious and loved to play.

Can you spot the cat?

I was enamoured with the cats, and the experience. If you’re in Toronto’s Mid-Town area I recommend a visit to the Meow Cat Café.


Be sure to read over the ‘rules’ before you even purchase your drink. Most cat cafes have their own rules posted.

Don’t use your camera flash.

Don’t feed them people food.

Don’t touch the cats if they are sleeping or eating.

And don’t go to a cat café with the expectation that you pick up, cuddle of even pet all the cats. They all have their own personalities and it’s best to let them come to you, and follow their lead.
Want to learn more about times and location? Check out their Facebook page here.
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[POST CITY TORONTO] Midtown Toronto's new cat café

    Erica Yun and Andrew Choi of Meow Cat Café

Locals in Davisville can now enjoy a latte with some friendly felines. The Korean-style café Meow Cat Cafe recently opened on Mount Pleasant Road. The purchase of any beverage grants patrons permission to play with the kitties or kick back and relax with the pitter-patter of paws in the background. Six cats call the shop home, and they all belong to the café’s owners, Helen and Erica Yun (556 Mount Pleasant Rd., 647-560-6272).


[blogTO] Meow Cat Cafe


Meow Cat Cafe is as far afield from its downtown predecessor, TOT the Cat Cafe , in concept as it is geographically. Located in quaint Mount Pleasant and a short walk from Davisville Station, this adorable kitty cafe run by a mother-daughter team is clean, quiet, bright, and traditionally Korean in its operation style.
TOT came under fire over suspicions regarding the treatment of the felines in their custody. Here at Meow Cat Cafe, all the cats belong to daughter Erica, six to be exact. Mom Helen also helps run the shop and do the round-the-clock work involved in taking care of all those cute little furballs.

They say coffee is just as important as cats here, and I'm always happy to have some iced caffeine on hand, but it's hard to stay focused on the beans and brew. The friendly cats are everywhere as soon as you walk in, not confined to a single area. Here, it's like a safari: you're the one who has to be careful in their environment.

The premise is relatively familiar: there's no entrance fee, but you have to buy a coffee to play with the cats. My iced latte doesn't break $5, at only $4.40 for a large.

The beans are Colombian and the milk and sugar are very sweet, but it's a small price to pay for a cat lover to have a calico instantly curl around your leg.

Baby gates at the front door and washroom entrance keep cats in the cafe, but there's no special procedure before you open them.

What is required, however, is that you buy a coffee right away before playing with any of the cats and sign in on a sheet before doing so. At the top of this page are important rules, and signing in ensures customers will take a look at them.

Rules are also posted at cash and in the back playroom area. They're accompanied by helpful hand-drawn cartoons by Erica (also a computer science student, artist and designer) that are both cute and illustrative, especially for kids. She's also drawn up a little guide to what cats are telling you with their tails.

Erica's never had any special animal training, just a lifelong love of cats and a penchant for watching YouTube videos about their behaviour.

Unlike other cafes, the cats here are not up for adoption, they belong to her. You can drop off your own cat for a sort of babysitting/playdate session at the cafe, but they won't allow you to leave your pet for more than a few hours.

They also have specialty Korean pet supplies and cute knick-knacks K Pop fans will squee over.

Photos by Jesse Milns


[TOWN CRIER] New coffee shop purr-fect for Mount Pleasant by Brian Baker

Cat café serves java in company of felines
At the Meow Cat Café, curiosity is welcome, as are cat lovers.

The small coffee shop is part of a worldwide trend: sipping java while playing with felines.

There’s already a cat café in the College and Spadina area, TOT the Cat Café. But Helen Yun and her children Erica, 25, and Andrew, 27,  brought their own brand of caffeine and kitties to midtown.

Erica smiles warmly as she shares the family’s impetus to opening Meow Cat Café at 556 Mount Pleasant Rd. It has a lot to do with their four-legged friends.

Helen always wanted to open a cafe, but with six cats at home, the Yuns were worried about their friends. “How can we work with our cats, and spend time together?” Erica asked.

They scouted locations along Bayview Avenue and Mount Pleasant in May before settling in the former home of Brentview Electronics.

They had a soft opening in July.

“We’re trying to make a good coffee,” Yun admitted, adding she worked as barista back in Seoul, South Korea.

It’s a weekend, so plenty of kids are about with parents in tow. Korean pop music plays quietly in the background.

But there are some rules visitors must follow to enjoy the company of elder statesman Zeze and his entourage of Coco, Chanel, Elsa, Leo and Latte.

“This business is strange to Canadians, and they sometimes come and ask do they have to buy a coffee,” Erica Yun said. “This is in place of an entrance fee.”

Popular cat cafés in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea commonly charge an entrance fee for visitors. For the time being the Yun family would like folks to pick up a coffee (or tea), read the rules and sign the chart.

The shop also offers pet supplies and accessories directly from South Korea.

Though it’s early in the game, Yun said she hopes the java spot can scratch out a good reputation.

“If it’s possible, we want to open more cafes, a larger space,” she said.

At the end of the day, the Yun family, including six kitties, pack up and head back to their North Toronto home.


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 Q. Do we need reservation?

No. Just drop by.

Q. Are the cats for adoption? Are they looking for home?

No. They are our personal cats originally.
We've raised all of them since they were kittens.

Q. Do they stay at the café overnight?

No. We bring them home.

Q. Are they all de-clawed?

No. They don't scratch people.
But please be careful of Zeze, Maine Coon. He obeys his owner only.

Q. Is there a parking lot?

There is a street parking right in front of the café.

Q. Could kids go to the cat café?

Yes. And they should come with parents or someone who can care them.
But as mentioned in the rules, our cats are not here to do voluntary service
or stay here for your child education.
Cats come first in our café. And they are not toys.
Parents who bring a little child care them as much as possible. PLEASE.

 Q. Can we bring our own cats?

No. Cats are territorial animals.
Our cats will feel stress when they see a strange cat.


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Meow Cat Cafe

We are located at 556 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto M4S2M6.
Our business hours are
Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday & Holidays 12pm - 7pm
Closed on every Tuesday
(Business hours may vary depending on circumstances.)

Contact us
☎ 647 560 6272
Web-page meowcatcafe.blogspot.ca
E-mail meowcatcafe@Hotmail.com
Instagram & Twitter @MeowCatCafe

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